Manage your Glucose
without Injections

Lose Weight, Reverse Type 2 Diabetes,
Pre-Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome
with our Nutri-tech program

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A life-changing approach to type 2 Diabetes,
Metabolic Syndrome and Sustainable Weight Loss

Diabetes Remission and Regression Program magnify
Patented, university-tested, supervised by a lifestyle medicine physician, and coached by a Registered Dietitian. Designed to reverse Type 2 Diabetes, reduce medication dependence, and improve blood sugar control, while promoting cell rejuvenation and biological age reduction. Experience the benefits of a specially developed 5-day Fasting Mimicking Diet Kit and Longevity Nutrition counseling for optimal results.
Metabolic Health Program magnify
This comprehensive program targets the root causes of prediabetes, obesity, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome. Led by an expert Registered Dietitian, it utilizes a specially developed 5-day Fasting Mimicking Diet Kit and Longevity Nutrition counseling to drive transformative results, including more energy, better glucose management and sustainable weight loss.
Healthspan Coaching Program magnify
Guided by a specially trained Registered Dietitian, this program incorporates Longevity Nutrition principles to promote healthy aging, improve metabolic health, and maintain a healthy weight by avoiding glucose spikes. Take concrete steps towards a healthier future with personalized expert advice.

The only Program that effectively impacts the root causes of metabolic health issues like
aging and inflammaging, reduced muscle mass, fat accumulation and insulin resistance

The result of remarkable scientific discoveries from the maker of FMD.

Our platform involves fasting - but with food. It has been carefully developed to trigger autophagy, the self-cleaning process in the cells, helping them renew themselves. Applying the science of Fasting-Mimicking Diet for cellular renewal and rejuvenation, we are developing programs targeting the remission and regression of specific disease states by targeting their root causes. Our goal with every program is to enable you to live a better, fuller life throughout your years.

L-Nutra Health
Reversing with Remission and Regression is now within Reach

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L-Nutra Health is a clinically tested and patented program
that helps you lose weight while preserving muscle, lower blood sugar,
reduce medication and reverse insulin resistance in only 6 months

Reduce Medication

Members reduce or eliminate their reliance on a lifetime of costly diabetes drugs

Weight Loss

Retain lean body mass while losing weight

A1C reduction

Blood sugar improvement occurs simultaneously with medication reduction

Reduced Insulin

59% of patients experience significant reduction in insulin resistance

L-Nutra Health is a proud member of the ACLM Corporate Roundtable.

A growing number of clinical experts are discussing the concept of remission as a treatment goal, inspired by the outcomes observed following weight loss, fasting / fasting mimicking diets, bariatric surgery, and, more recently, intensive lifestyle modifications

Other strategies that have been succesful for reducing energy intake include very-low-calorie diets, fasting mimicking diets, and intermittent fasting.

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#1 Doctor Recommended Nutrition for Health & Longevity

Kristie L-Nutra Health Member

I have tried for years to move the needle, and this has been the one program that actually has given me results. Now I have reduced my medications to just one tablet.

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Tim L-Nutra Health Member

I started with 3 medications then after month 2, I cut back to one and then in the last month I cut back to zero. I've had really, really good results and I’m looking forward to continuing to progress.

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Betsy L-Nutra Health Member

I am encouraged I can live without or with fewer prescription medications and make basic lifestyle changes to have a healthier life.

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