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Diabetes Remission
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Your membership is centered around a monthly 5-day regimen of the Fasting-Mimicking Diet program. Our unique FMD formulation is specifically developed for people with Type 2 Diabetes.


As part of your L-Nutra Health membership, you will work closely with a personal L-Nutra Health Registered Dietitian Coach who will tailor the program to your specific needs on your journey towards remission.

Your monthly Membership

  • 5 days of curated Fasting-Mimicking nutrition. Each day your body thinks it is fasting, but you are still eating meals and snacks throughout the day.
  • Regular One on one sessions with the L-Nutra Health Registered Dietitian specializing in metabolic health and longevity science.
  • Unlimited access to the mobile-friendly portal for daily motivation and tips.
  • If you have not been referred by your health care provider, the medically supervised program includes quarterly visits with Doctors who specialize in Lifestyle Medicine and Longevity science to de-prescribe medications and monitor labs.

Reversing with Remission and Regression is the new end goal
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Metabolic Health

Diabetes Remission and

L-Nutra Health
is clinically tested

  • L-Nutra Health for Diabetes targets multiple organ systems to rejuvenate the cells
  • 67% of patients reduce their reliance on medications while achieving A1C reduction of 1.4.
  • 59% of patients experience significant reduction in insulin resistance
  • Patients also experience an average weight loss of 22 pounds while maintaining muscle mass
  • Results show an eightfold increase in diabetes regression rate, with some patients being able to achieve complete diabetes remission